You only get one chance to make a first

That’s certainly true when it comes to presenting your company. The right visual image has a bigger and more immediate impact than any written presentation will ever have.

A corporate film is the most effective and time efficient communication tool to create awareness of your company’s activities and to strengthen its brand. Corporate films can be used to attract new customers (testimonial), inform staff (how-to and training) and to attract new personnel (image building).

A corporate film can be used on different platforms to achieve different goals: A DVD for new customers, as an eye catcher at trade fairs, promote a new product, recruit and inform personnel and almost needless to say, all our corporate films can be embedded on the web.

At Aksie! we feel it is important to bring together all these different applications during the production stage. It’s is our company policy that we always deliver an internet ready version of your film in our standard package.

Aksie! produces tailor-made audiovisual productions and will work with you to devise an effective communication strategy to support your company’s ambitions.

How do we work? The 10 steps plan:

  1. First meeting During the first, introductory, meeting the client will outline his requirements. Who is the film aimed at? Target audience? What message does the film need to communicate? Etc.
    Once Aksie! has the necessary basic information (the brief) our team prepares a production budget and send it to the client for their approval
  2. Script A first version of the script using the client’s brief is written and sent to the client. The client sends his comments and feedback on the script. These will be integrated into the next version of the script. During the writing phase, Aksie! will, together with the client, consider possible production dates. The client approves the final script.
  3. Recordings The recordings are lead by the film Director creatively and by the Executive Producer who ensures that the recordings run smoothly, on time and on budget.
  4. Editing The Director checks all the rushes (footage) and writes the editing script. The off-line editing starts. The off-line edit is shown to the client for their approval. If required, changes can be made to the edit until a satsisfactory result is achieved.
  5. Voice Off During the off-line edit stage the script for the voice over is written, adapted and sync’ed with the images. An appropriate voice-over artist is chosen in conjunction with the client.
  6. Voice recordings Aksie! works with both well known (celebrity) and unknown voice over artists (professional actors). Aksie! only uses native speakers for international purposes.
  7. Sound Editing After all the voice recordings have been done a sound engineer will work his magic and bring together the different tracks: the voice-over, additional music & effects and the sounds from the live recordings. Aksie! has a library of more then 90.000 music tracks. Music tracks need to be cleared seperately.
  8. 2D/3D animation – Colour grading The finishing touches. As per the client’s wishes additional text and 2D or 3D animations can be added. This all adds to the overall production value of the product. (animation company logo, 3D modelling,...)
  9. Delivery Each film is delivered to the client on a digital master tape. In addition the client will also receive 3 copies on DVD and 1 Mpeg file for use on the web.
  10. Copies Copies of the film can be made for the client, if and when required, or in accordance with the specific needs and wishes. Special artwork and packaging can be designed if required.
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